Book PERMIAN Birth of a New World "Ausgabe Englisch"

Buch PERMIAN Birth of a New World "Ausgabe in Englisch"

Einband Hardcover

Permian: The Genesis of our Existence
A Comprehensive Guide to the most importants era in Earth History

With over 800 photos and drawings

The End of an Old World
The Complete Transformation of the Plant Kingdom
The Life of Small Animals and Insects
Fish, a Model for Success
The Triumph of the Terrestrial Vertebrates
Saurians Conquer the Continents

300 million years ago, the world fell apart at the seams like it had never done before. Powerful volcanic eruptions shook almost the entire northern hemisphere. The landscape changed completely. There were profound changes in the flora. The large scale trees and giant horsetail died out, but this opened up space for conifers and the ancestors of the flowering plants. They now characterize the flora on every continent.
More and more animals ventured from the water onto land. The entire living environment became more and more complex and specialized. A large number of completely different groups of animals soon roamed the Earth: this included the ancestors of mammals and of the dinosaurs.

Michael Wachtler has written a number of books explaining the world of the past in great detail. Thomas Perner has researched the Permian period all over the world for decades. His research has led to sensational discoveries. Together, they have described dozens of new species and revolutionized our image of the mysterious “Permian” period.

Erschienen First Edition January 2015
Printed in Italy by Athesia, Bozen
29,7 x 21,3 cm
ISBN 978-88-908815-3-4
Published by DoloMythos & the Oregon Institute of Geological Research
Dr. Thomas Perner & Michael Wachtler
Inhalt 208 Seiten mit über 800 Photos und Zeichnungen

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